Selling a home is usually an expensive, complicated and time-consuming process. There are basically two alternatives a home owner can use in selling a home. Use a Realtor, or sell their home themselves. The former may inflate the property price to accommodate commissions and still take months to sell a home. The latter is difficult because owners are emotionally involved, may not have the marketing savvy, and it still may take months for them to sell (all the while the homeowner is still making house payments). Not to mention, homeowners haven't had to solve many of the typical problems that can pop up right before closing.

There is now a third alternative. Sunny Lakes Properties, Inc. purchases homes in 7 days. Picture walking into an office, getting a price on your home and closing the following week.

How does it work? Sunny Lakes Properties makes it simple. Some people do not want to go through the arduous chore of selling their home. Their needs are instant. We will provide a seller with a firm written offer within 48 hours and can close in 7 days or less. Sunny Lakes Properties does not put contingencies in the termite approving for credit. A large percentage of real estate contracts fall through because of such contingencies.

So if you want to sell your home quickly or have any questions, contact us today!!!

please note our new address and phone numbers, effective 4/16

Main Office: 352-223-9000
Fax: 352-383-0095
Toll Free: 800-563-0796
252 West Ardice Avenue
Suite 428
Eustis, FL 32726



  • Firm offers in 48 hours
  • Closings in 7 Days
  • Excellent financials
  • No contingencies
  • No inspections
  • Never make double payments again
  • No fees